Hey, everyone.

So my parents have decided that I shouldn’t have a tumblr anymore, and I’m just going to be vacant for now. Not shut down. Maybe I’ll use this again sometime in the future, but for the moment I’m not going to be on anymore.

I’ll miss you guys. I really will. You’re all wonderful. Thank you so much for just being there and making me laugh and making me feel like I’m liked. Like I said, there’s a chance that I’ll come back to this sometime.

Bye, I guess. Again, thanks. :) 



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my parents: come out of your room and be with the family
me: takes phone and laptop

hey there aurora what’s it like in north dakota

woah that actually sort of rhymes i have a future as a member of the plain white ts


My blog is a piece a shit follow me

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Not tmr related, but what is everyone’s favorite bird? ;o I’m painting birds and there are too many to choose from u-u

I like starlings a lot c: and ravens.

New Years Resolutions


  • Use Cole Sprouse for a social experiment 
  • Get Eddie Redmayne to fall in love with me

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